Surprise Drawing

WARNING: This is a post about my child. You probably want to turn back now.

I try not to post every mundane thing that my daughter accomplishes. Honestly, it’s the most interesting thing I have ever experienced but I am well aware that most people don’t harbour the same awe for it. Today, however, Cami called through to me as I was making dinner and asked “How do you spell your name?”, to which I replied “D-A-D-D-Y”.

A few minutes later she presented me with this masterpiece.


I don’t know the logic behind her creation of this piece – perhaps she learned at school that you could write a name on a picture, or perhaps she intended it to be a gift for me – but it was hard not to be touched when I saw it.

I’m not sure the significance of the multi-coloured dots in the sky, however she did call through “your favourite colour is orange right daddy?” at one point, so I’m inclined to believe this was an intentional play for my heartstrings.

And yeah, it’s going on the fridge.