GDC Happened

An Uber from the airport and a hug-n-a-kiss from Cami and GDC 2014 draws to a close. I honestly never know what to expect from GDC, and this was no exception. I had a fantastic few days in San Francisco with a diverse set of accomplishments. Here are some of the highlights!

I watched three of my coworkers give hour long talks on aspects of our game of which I had varying knowledge. It reaffirmed that the whole company is talented beyond belief. I gave a talk of my own too, during which I rambled more than I had hoped, told a bunch of bad jokes that people still laughed at, but generally had an enjoyable time. Plus Eli live-tweeted the whole thing pretending to be me, with hilarious results.

I got to spend time with my coworkers too, enjoying their company and sharing our mutual appreciation. These are very cool people, and I love working with each of them.

Eli Coffee

Two of my oldest and best friends in the US were in town for GDC and I made sure to monopolize their time as much as I could. Eric and I got sandwiches and partook of alcohol, and Kari introduced me to a fantastic tea garden opposite the centre where we talked for hours. Crazy to think it’s been nearly a decade since I formed those friendships.

I met a bunch of new people, including: a senior designer on Skyrim who was overjoyed when I told him what I hated about his games, a brace of Scottish game developers who are getting their own starts in the industry, a Dutch friend in the US for the first time, an extremely bright Digipen student who asked me great questions about AI, and a host of other talented and brilliant people. And as I have a habit of doing on flights, I met two astoundingly successful and inspirational men on the way there and back.

Spent time at other talks, picking up inklings of ideas for new things to try in our own projects. It’s crazy how much intelligence and passion was flowing around the halls of Moscone this week.

Attended my first ever awards show, at which we won three Game Developer Choice Awards including Game of the Year. Standing on stage with a couple dozen of my coworkers receiving one of the best awards out there was a total rush. Seeing the estimable Lucas Pope clean up five awards for the brilliant Papers, Please was fantastic too.

I’m not sure if I’ll make it to GDC next year, I certainly hope so, but if not I know when I do make it back it’ll be another amazing time.

Michal Chocolates

Oh, and I got a shipment of homemade chocolates too. Thanks Michał. Please come home soon.